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Progesterone Cream: Benefits, Risks And Alternatives

During menopause, a woman’s reproductive hormones decline, causing symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats and irregular bleeding. For relief from severe forms of these menopausal symptoms, some may opt for hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
Sep 6th, 2023

Red Light Therapy: Benefits, Side Effects And Uses

Red light therapy may be beneficial when it comes to improved skin appearance, wound healing and pain management, according to current research. Read on to learn more, including potential benefits, side effects and how to use red light therapy.
Apr 11th, 2023

What Is Menopause?

If you or someone you love suspects they may be starting the transition into menopause, read on to learn more about the symptoms, reasons why some people go through it earlier than others and treatments that may provide relief for symptoms.
Feb 21st, 2023

Why You Shouldn’t Resolve Anything This Year

Each January sparks a flurry of New Year’s resolutions: drink less alcohol, eat better, quit smoking, spend less, exercise more, and so on. Some have given up the age-old practice altogether, practicing slow and steady change instead...
Jan 11th, 2023

Are you suffering from “unexplained” weight gain?

My Five Fundamentals for Medical Weight Loss beyond diet and exercise - Restorative sleep - Measure your stress hormone: cortisol - Balance your hormones - Improve Insulin sensitivity - Optimize your inflammation: hs-CRP
Aug 3rd, 2022

Benefits of Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 (Vit D3) is a sunshine vitamin made in your skin after exposure to ultraviolet B (UVB). This means you are especially at risk for Vit D3 deficiency during the winter months.
Jul 28th, 2022

Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

Despite the widespread popularity of cannabidiol (CBD), a lot of confusion about the plant compound remains, including whether it shows up on a drug test.
Jul 18th, 2022

5 Reasons to Consider a Heavy Metal Detox

Have you ever wondered how pollution and the chemicals in your food and the products you use impact your health? Learn more about how heavy metal toxicity occurs and why it might be a good idea to get a detox.
Aug 1st, 2019

Myths and Facts About Acupuncture

When it comes to healing, there are many ways to approach the issue, including techniques that have been used successfully for millennia — which is the case with acupuncture. Here’s what you need to know about this ancient practice.
Jul 17th, 2019

Suffering From Fibromyalgia? IV Vitamin Therapy Can Help

Fibromyalgia is an incredibly painful and frustrating illness to deal with since treatments boil down to management, not cures. Explore how vitamin IV therapy may be one way to offset the negative symptoms of fibromyalgia.
Jun 17th, 2019

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Adrenal Fatigue

Do you often get tired, crave salty snacks, or feel a bit depressed? You may be suffering from adrenal fatigue. Here are five things you may not know about this stress-related condition.
Apr 11th, 2019

Feel Confident in Your Body Again with SculpSure

When you’re working hard to achieve your best body shape, those fat stores that stubbornly resist reshaping are a nuisance you can do without. SculpSure® provides an easy way for you to lose some of the most common fat deposits.
Feb 1st, 2019

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Are You a Good Candidate?

Both women and men experience changes to their bodies as they age. While often these are more pronounced for menopausal women, in some cases men can be severely affected too. Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment option available to all.
Nov 29th, 2018

The Benefits of Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine borrows certain elements and techniques from complementary medicine, but it's still a scientific, medically-based form of mainstream healthcare.
Jan 5th, 2018

Re-Energizing Your Body with IV Therapy

Would you like to re-energize, revitalize, and invigorate your body in just a few minutes? IV therapy is the fastest way to introduce the nutrients your body needs for optimal performance.
Sep 22nd, 2018

SculpSure: All Your Questions Answered

Stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise is frustrating. SculpSure® body contouring eliminates areas of fat without surgery or invasive procedures. Dr. Cho answers your SculpSure questions so you can decide if it’s right for you.
May 2nd, 2018

How Hormone Imbalances Can Hinder Your Efforts to Lose Weight

It’s perfectly normal to feel frustrated when you follow a healthy diet, hit the gym several times a week, and get on the scale only to find your weight hasn’t budged. If this sounds familiar, there may be something undermining your weight loss efforts.
May 1st, 2018

These Lifestyle Factors Could Cause ADHD

ADHD is diagnosed in up to 13% of all children and it persists into adulthood. Lifestyle factors such as nutritional deficiencies and exposure to environmental chemicals can contribute to the cause of ADHD, especially in those with genetic susceptibility.
Jan 31st, 2018

Tackling Adrenal Fatigue for Weight Loss

If you're feeling unusually exhausted and you're gaining weight or struggling to lose it, you might be suffering from adrenal fatigue. Dr. Cho explains adrenal fatigue, how it impacts your weight and how it can be treated.
Oct 17th, 2017