Feel Confident in Your Body Again with SculpSure

SculpSure, CynoSure

The best way to the body contours you desire is through a combination of diet and exercise. However, for many, fat collects in places that no workout or diet will touch. You could consider liposuction surgery, but when you’re close to your ideal shape, the thought of surgical scars and recovery time may not be palatable. If only there was a way to selectively melt fat without incisions.

There is a way! It turns out that the power of laser light can be harnessed for just this purpose. The SculpSure® system from CynoSure® is the first laser-based, noninvasive lipolysis treatment approved by the Food and Drug Administration. With a series of 25-minute treatments, you can reshape some of the stubborn fat deposits standing between you and your body contour goals.

Fat and the coagulation point

“Melting” fat seems like a dream come true when you’re trying to firm and tone your body. If you envision fat dripping like wax from a candle, you haven’t got an accurate visualization. But in practice, SculpSure does seem to melt away fat.

The process requires raising fat tissue to a temperature called the coagulation point. It’s not a melting process though. Instead, when fat is raised to the coagulation point, your body senses that its composition is changed enough that fat cells are damaged. The word goes out to through your body that these cells have got to go.

From this point, your lymphatic system does the job. The disrupted fat cells are broken down and flushed from your body. The best part is that your body won’t replace these cells -- once they’re gone, they’re gone. Your treatment areas slim down and reshape against the lean muscle tone you’ve worked hard to acquire.

How SculpSure treatments work

One of the unique properties of laser light is its narrow wavelength. Using only a single, tunable color of light, lasers can target specific tissue with light that it will absorb. And when it’s absorbed, the light energy converts to heat. SculpSure’s laser targets fat below your skin, while cooling plates limit the effects of light energy on your skin. The temperature of your fat cells rise without any harm to the surface of your skin.

SculpSure treatment areas

Some of the common accumulation points for excess fat storage include the abdomen, back, flanks, thighs, and under the chin. Each of these is an approved target for SculpSure’s treatment applicators. The active portion of your treatment takes just 25 minutes, and you’ll see results about six weeks after your treatment, with maximum effects occurring at about 12 weeks. Depending on your body contouring goals, a series of treatments may be necessary.

How you look has much to do with how you feel, and achieving the body you want feels great. Let Dr. Cho and the team at Wellness at Century City in Los Angeles help you achieve complete wellness. Call or click today to find out more about how the SculpSure body contouring system can work for you.

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