Hormone Replacement Therapy: Are You a Good Candidate?

It’s no secret that aging brings changes to your body. Menopause represents the end of a woman’s natural child-bearing reproductive years, and her body shifts away from its status as an amazing baby-making machine. Though men typically retain the ability to reproduce, they too experience a decline in male hormones that approximates female menopause. While these hormonal changes are normal, they’re not always welcome, and they may carry side effects that interfere with your everyday living.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) exists for both women and men, and it may provide relief when the effects of diminished natural hormone production become distracting. While HRT isn’t for everyone, it can reduce symptoms brought on by imbalances while restoring aspects of your youthful vitality.

HRT for women

Estrogen is the key female sex hormone, responsible for sending the signals that keep the female reproductive system in order. Largely produced by the ovaries, estrogen production falls off once the ovaries stop releasing eggs. When the level of estrogen falls, menopausal symptoms arise. These can include:

Your combination of symptoms will likely be unique. Some women experience substantial changes, while others don’t. HRT is typically reserved for women whose menopause symptoms are strong enough to be disruptive, since HRT raises the risk of certain conditions, such as blood clots and some types of cancer.

While not conclusive, there’s evidence that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy – using synthetic hormones that are chemically identical to naturally produced versions – may bypass the worst of these side effects. Dr. Cho typically prescribes bioidentical hormones when treating you with an HRT plan.

HRT for men

When a man suffers symptoms of age-related hormone imbalance, it’s due to the loss of testosterone rather than estrogen. In many cases, men simply aren’t as affected by the reduction in hormone production, but for others it can produce major effects. You could be suffering from low testosterone if you experience symptoms such as:

As with women, hormone supplements can often reverse the effects of low testosterone when these interfere with day-to-day living. Male HRT is also available in bioidentical form, since there are potential risks to HRT therapy, including an increased chance of prostate cancer.

Is HRT therapy right for you? Without a full examination, it’s hard to say, and there are other options that can supplement or substitute for HRT. However, estrogen therapy remains the most effective remedy for many of the common side effects of menopause. Contact Wellness at Century City to arrange a consultation with Dr. Cho. You can call the office or click our convenient online button.

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