How Invisa-RED™ Laser Therapy Facilitates Weight Loss

You may think the only way to lose weight is to live in a state of constant hunger and spend a lot of time at the gym. While diet and exercise do support weight loss, the effects aren’t always as successful as you hope. You can’t target specific areas with these traditional methods and results are sometimes slow in coming. Even if you do lose weight, you may still have areas that are resistant to fat loss and leave you unhappy with the way you look.

If you want to lose inches without having to wait for dieting and exercise to work, invisa-RED is for you. The procedure uses both infrared laser light energy and red light energy to destroy fat tissue.

Read on to learn how this state-of-the-art system helps you lose weight and get the body you desire.

invisa-RED penetrates deep

Competing systems that use just one level of light frequency penetrate just 10 millimeters deep to generate minimal, superficial weight loss. With invisa-RED, you get much better results because the dual energy systems penetrate up to a depth of 40 millimeters, targeting fat tissue at a much deeper level. The procedure hits multiple levels of fat, yielding superior fat loss.

It’s doubly effective

When the invisa-RED energy penetrates fat tissue, it disrupts fat cells, so they die and are eliminated by the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is your body’s way of naturally removing cellular waste, usually through sweat and urine.

In addition, invisa-RED stimulates your metabolism to keep burning fat for several hours post-treatment. This after-burn effect is similar to one you’d experience with very high-intensity interval training and strength-training exercise, but without the effort. So you keep losing fat, and weight, long after leaving the office.

The treatment destroys fat for good

When you lose weight with diet and exercise, your fat cells simply shrink. You don’t actually reduce the number of fat cells in your body. If you can’t exercise or you relax your eating plan a little bit, these cells can plump back up, causing you to gain weight. With invisa-RED, the fat cells are destroyed permanently. They cannot re-expand because they’ve been expelled by your body.

The invisa-RED procedure is quick

Invisa-RED treatment times are much shorter and more effective than with other single-wavelength technologies that provide body sculpting. Water, glycerol, triglycerides, and toxins release from the fat cells within two minutes of treatment.

If you want changes to your body without the extreme effort of low-calorie dieting and exercise, invisa-RED treatments are for you. You can target particular pockets of fat for permanent reduction, so you get the body you want effectively and quickly.

Additional benefits of invisa-RED

With invisa-RED you lose both weight -- meaning pounds on the scale -- and inches where fat shrinks. You’ll also notice changes in cellulite texture and prevalence. Invisa-RED can also help tighten skin to further firm up problem areas.

The light energy of invisa-RED doesn’t harm your outer layer of skin, so there are minimal side effects. In addition to helping you eliminate pockets of fat, invisa-RED offers other benefits. These include lightening stretch marks, improving circulation, reducing the appearance of scars, relaxing your muscles, and restoring a more youthful look to your skin.

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