Re-Energizing Your Body with IV Therapy

Have you ever awakened feeling tired, groggy, and sore? It’s most likely because your body is running low on essential resources required for everyday functioning. Intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy can help reinstate your body’s natural balance. If you’re not yet familiar with this technology, IV therapy is a simple procedure of infusing vitamins and other nutritive substances directly into the bloodstream.

Perhaps you may ask: Is IV therapy better than taking oral vitamins? The short answer is “Yes,” but we’ll explain further.

IV therapy vs. taking oral vitamins

The digestive system is fairly good at absorbing vitamins from food. However, when it comes to pills, it’s not as efficient, and only about half of the vitamins you take are absorbed. Furthermore, increasing the number of pills taken may not increase absorption, since the small intestine can only absorb specific amounts of each vitamin at a time. High doses of vitamin pills can also irritate your stomach lining, making it more sensitive.

IV therapy, on the other hand, ensures that the entire dose of vitamins goes into your bloodstream. Since it bypasses the gastrointestinal tract, it doesn’t cause any damage or discomfort to your stomach.

The benefits of IV therapy

Here at Wellness at Century City, we offer a whole menu of different types of IV nutrient therapy. Below, Dr. Jessica Cho highlights the numerous benefits of IV therapy.

Guaranteed vitamin absorption

IV therapy introduces essential vitamins and other nutritive substances directly into your bloodstream. Unlike when you take oral vitamin pills, you’re assured that all the vitamins are absorbed immediately.

Instant rehydration

Dehydration affects the function of vital organs in the body. It can also lead to confusion, dizziness, sluggishness, and fatigue. Intravenous therapy goes a long way in providing your body with instant rehydration. Optimal hydration can also help prevent muscle damage, constipation, and kidney stones.

Immediate results

Your body can take up to two days to digest the food you eat. With IV therapy, you experience the positive effects almost immediately. In a few hours, it rejuvenates your energy, helps you think more clearly, and may even improve your mood.

Fights the effects of environmental toxins

Your body is exposed to numerous toxic substances in your environment every day.  These harmful agents impact negatively on your health and appearance. IV therapy supplies the much-needed antioxidants to help your body fight premature aging. Some treatments help your body to rid itself of harmful toxins more effectively.

Reduced reliance on pills

Customized IV therapy can be instrumental in helping you reduce the need for nutritional supplements, which can be quite expensive. They can also damage your stomach lining when taken in excess.

Ideal preventive therapy

In addition to healing many illnesses, IV therapy can be a big step in the journey of preventive health care. Vitamin C doses, for example, have been proven to be toxic to cancer cells. They’re also instrumental in boosting immunity and increasing blood levels.

Fast treatment times

IV therapy is a quick treatment procedure. Then the nutrients are introduced to your body through an IV inserted directly into your vein. Depending on the combination of nutrients selected, the infusion will take 20-90 minutes.

Customized treatment

Dr. Cho recognizes that every person is different, so she assesses your health and determines what combination of nutrients is best for you.

Any person seeking to improve their health is a good candidate for IV therapy. If you live in or near the Los Angeles, you can call our office at 213-374-1845 or click the button to book your appointment now while you’re online.

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