Why Men and Women Alike Are Loving SculpSure Treatments

Exercise tones and builds muscle, but it won’t reduce fat. Dieting takes the pounds away but doesn’t target specific areas. SculpSure® can do both with state-of-the-art technology that does all the work while you get comfortable. And there’s not a single needle or incision required.


Find out why Dr. Jessica Cho recommends that men and women alike consider SculpSure treatments for nonsurgical body contouring to remove the fat dieting and exercise leaves behind.

SculpSure works

Utilizing the latest in laser technology, the SculpSure system effectively eliminates pockets of stubborn fat that cling to your inner or outer thighs, lower back, abdomen, arms, and other troublesome areas. The treatments are the same for both women and men.


And because SculpSure destroys rather than shrinks fat cells, once they’re gone, they stay gone. Studies have shown a measurable 24% reduction of fat cells in treated areas. Clinical trials report patient satisfaction rates well above 90%, and both women and men who come to Wellness at Century City love the results they see with SculpSure.  

SculpSure treatments are safe

The SculpSure system is FDA-cleared to provide safe results when used correctly by knowledgeable providers. The laser energy used with SculpSure effectively targets fat cells below your skin’s surface and heats them to the point of destroying them, without damaging the upper dermal layers.


The built-in cooling system keeps you comfortable during the treatment and essentially eliminates the risk of burns or other skin damage. As a physician, Dr. Cho’s top priority is the wellness and safety of our patients. We’re pleased to offer SculpSure as a safe and effective way to reduce targeted areas of stubborn fat.

SculpSure treatments are easy and fast

Before your SculpSure session, you’ll meet with Dr. Cho for a consultation to discuss your expectations and goals for the areas you’d like treated. When you come back to the office for your actual treatment, dress comfortably and prepare to relax.


Depending on the targeted treatment area, you might lie on your stomach, back, or side during the session. Once you’re comfortable, we secure a lightweight framework to the designated region. We then snap the SculpSure attachments to the framework, where they remain throughout the session.  


After we’ve dialed in the appropriate settings, we turn the system on, and the laser does its work. Treatment sessions take about 25 minutes. You’re free to read, check emails, or simply close your eyes and rest during that time.


You can expect to feel warmth and maybe a mild tingling sensation periodically during a SculpSure treatment, but these effects are generally well-tolerated, and most of our patients report little to no discomfort.

SculpSure treatments don’t require any recovery time

There’s no need to adjust your routine after a SculpSure treatment. Many of our patients schedule a session over their lunch hour and return to work or other routine activities when they leave the office.


Because SculpSure kills fat cells, and then your body eliminates them through its natural waste disposal systems, it may take six weeks before you notice results. Many of our patients decide to have multiple treatments to achieve their desired goals. We’ll discuss that in detail before you begin treatments and devise a strategy that best suits your needs.


If you’d like to find out more about how SculpSure can rid you of those stubborn pockets of fat you thought you were stuck with, schedule a consultation today with Dr. Cho at Wellness at Century City in Los Angeles. Just click the online button or call the office to book an appointment.

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