Additional Reviews


Jeff L. from Google, March 2022


"Dr. Jessica Cho has been my primary care physician for over 14 years now.. and is the most thorough comprehensive caring and understanding doctor I’ve ever known. She’s always ahead of the curve in western medicine and is well practiced  in eastern medicine as well. Whatever I’ve needed she’s been there.

I feel so blessed to have her as my doctor"


HP from Google, February 2022


"An absolutely amazing physician!!  I’ve been dealing with a chronic condition for years and Dr Cho has been the only person who has helped me reach an 80% improvement. She doesn’t just treat symptoms she finds the cause. A gift that is very unusual in todays medical community."


Bradney B from Google, February 2022


"Received an Executive Stress IV from Dr. Cho and her fabulous team. They made me feel comfortable, and explained how the process would make me feel, and why it’s beneficial to my health. Will definitely be back!!"


Nicole T. from Google, January 2022


"Dr. Cho is a prayer answered. I am so so glad my friend recommended me to her. She changed my life for the better!"


Carolina G. from Website, March 16th 2021


"Best doctor, so knowledgeable, looks at the whole picture, great bedside manner, etc!"


ANGELA A. from Website, May 12th 2020


"Dr. Cho has been my physician for over a decade. She takes the time to really listen to what is going on... I never feel rushed when I am speaking with her. She is always on the cutting edge and has an amazing ability to blend the best of Western medicine with Eastern medicine. Highly, highly recommend."


Kimberly G. from Website, April 23rd 2019


"Dr. Cho and staff are very nice and very informative."


Adriana A. from Website, April 19th 2019


"She’s so wonderful !!!"


Adriana A. from Website, May 29th 2018


"OMG She's the best !!!!!"


Lancaster D. from Website, February 8th 2018


"It was great"


Kathy M. from Yelp


"I was so impressed with my visit to Dr. Cho's office.  After a bunch of all different regimen to lose that stubborn belly fat, I've decided to pay a visit to Dr. Cho's office for a consultation for weight loss and for the SculpSure procedure on how it works and what to expect.  Dr. Cho explained the procedure very thoroughly and suggested I do the SculpSure procedure once, then evaluate the results to see if I need another treatment.  The procedure only took 25 mins, it was a discomfort at the beginning of first few mins but not painful at all.  It felt like it was melting the fat away in the areas that were targeted.  Dr. Cho's caring holistic approach to find the underlying  causes of my weight gain, by using the combination of Eastern and Western medicine was a very informative and educational. I will post an update in few weeks with the result of SculpSure procedure but it's already looking better after 4 weeks now.  I walked out of Dr. Cho's office with a better sense of well-being.  Her staff was very friendly and caring also."


Antoine M. from Yelp


"Dr Cho is far and away the most talented and most compassionate doctor I've ever seen.  She's been my go-to doc for the past 10+ years.  There have been multiple times when she's been able to diagnose an solve a complex issue as a GP even after a specialist in the field couldn't.  Her staff is friendly and helpful as well.  Most importantly, I tend to get phobic of medical facilities but Dr Cho's calm, caring temperament has always made me feel at ease.  Thank you Dr Cho for being my trusted medical advisor for so many years and so many more to come!!"


Mary P. from Yelp


"I first saw Dr. Cho in early 2017.  At that time, I was feeling bloated, overweight, not sleeping well, hormonally imbalanced, suffering from hair loss and just generally anxious that I was not in good health.  I wanted to build up my immune system and get on the right track to being healthier overall.  During my first visit she devoted a long time listening to my issues and explaining to me the probable causes behind my symptoms. During the months that followed Dr. Cho put me on a treatment program that was individually tailored to my needs. On every visit she explained the treatments she was prescribing in detail so I easily understood the process.   As I continued under her care my symptoms disappeared and my overall health has greatly improved. 

She is professional, thorough and truly listens to her patients.  I have and will continue to recommend her to family and friends.  Her staff are well trained and highly professional."


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